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Location Greater New York City Area Industry Professional Training & CoachingTitle: Life Performance Coach &. New! • Beginning October Info & Application Form. The Institute of Psychosynthesis is a psychospiritual self-development, psychotherapy, The Institute's 2-year MA in Psychosynthesis Psychology can also be taken as a stand-alone self-development training.

In this context, we at the New York Psychosynthesis Institute have been focusing for several years on training professionals in transpersonal development. There is a great need for even a bare education in the transpersonal aspect of human nature within the American psychological community.

Aug 30,  · New York Psychosynthesis Institute – Richard Schaub PhD. and Contact faculty for information on workshops, seminars and materials on for information and materials on emotional healing and Growth Resources in Psychosynthesis – turkiyeninradyotelevizyonu.com2 Psychosynthesis is a whole-person approach to healing and growth from the.

They are the authors of five books and three CDs on transpersonal development and co-founders of the Huntington Meditation and Imagery Center and the New York Psychosynthesis Institute.

Mary Beth White RN, WHCNP, MS, APHN-BC. May 05,  · New York Psychosynthesis Institute. From SourceWatch. Jump to: navigation, search "Founded inthe institute has pioneered the applications of meditation, imagery and spiritual development in the health professions.

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