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Ajay Bam Case study

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and a board of advisers that included. in add-on to Tom from SeaPoint Ventures and Nick from VeriFone. a former Chief executive officer of NYNEX. a former Chief executive officer of Citibank. and Bob Anderson.

manager of the MIT Enterprise Forum and former CEO of GenRad. Case Study Ajay Bam The late spring of had been a maddening period for Vayusa founder Ajay Bam. Here he had a unique idea (confirmed by a high-profile technology grant and a host of exceptional advisors), a leading venture capital firm seventy-five percent sold, a talented software developer ready to go, and keen interest from a number of key players in the electronic payments industry.

Case Study on Ajay NCIIA who awarded Vayusa a grant of $12,; Babson College which give him $8, seed funding; Nick Epperson who is a former CMO at VeriFone and chief technical architect who designed the VeriFone box; Phuc Truong who has a lot of merchant contacts.

Rahul returned from the session even more fired up about the potential of the Vayusa model. He promptly flew back to India, and, with his own funds, assembled a talented four-person engineering team to work on the project.

The Vayusa Application The software platform transforms the existing POS into a very powerful mobile transaction and marketing device by enabling it to accept mobile payments and trigger loyalty programs with only a change in software.

We will write a custom essay sample on Ajay Bam Case Study specifically for you for only $ $/page. Order now Bootstrapping Approach A bootstrapping approach is an approach for an internet based business with minimum resources available. Vayusa would then need another $5 million in funding to reach a positive cash-flow position in.

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