Why star topology is best

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Chapter 5: Topology

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Star Topology. Star Topology is the most common type of network topology that is used in homes and offices. In the Star Topology there is a central connection point called the hub which is a computer hub or sometimes just a switch. Topology Design The company has grown from ten to a hundred employees in one year.

This is a tremendous growth rate which is a pointer to effective management, security, and integrity of the network that the technology oriented company has employed so far.

Why Star Topology Is Best Essays

A Star Network Topology is best suited for smaller networks and works efficiently when there is limited number of nodes. One has to ensure that the hub or the central node is always working and extra security features should be added to the hub because it s the heart of the network. This book indeed covers the standar subject of topology, and is well written, self contained and elegant.

For a topology class there is no much more for the teacher to do than to clearify the definitions, so the best advice is to get the book in order to be prepared for class. The star topology is the best solution for the current and future expansion plan in a small or medium sized firm.

In this topology, the physical topology points out the actual connection, that will have all devices connected to a top level central point, “hub” which could be a router, switch or hub.

The Star topology is the most common, but it is not the best for redundancy and thus most corporate LAN infrastructures incorporate more redundancy into the overall network topology. So, corporate networks are a conglomeration of multiple topologies and you will find more than just a Star topology.

Why star topology is best
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